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Trip log:

  • 02:19pm - Start out
  • 02:26pm - First waterfall
  • 02:35pm - Cascade Vista
  • 02:56pm - Reach the boundary of Desolation Wilderness
  • 03:19pm - Hike back
  • 03:33pm - Take a 10 minutes break by a small waterfall along the way
  • 04:11pm - Back to the parking

The Pyramid Creek Loop Trail takes little time, but provides beautiful views of waterfalls. The trailhead is right on the side of Lincoln Hwy to the southwest of South Lake Tahoe, about 20 to 30 minutes away.

In some sections of the trail, it is easy to be lost so the trail markings are helpful.

Within 30 minutes, we already reached this big waterfall, impressive.

Turning around with our backs to the big waterfall and looking into the distance, we saw the long Horsetail Falls running from the ridge of the high mountain. Trying to observe it more closely, we decided to march towards Desolation Wilderness.

The trail goes along the creek, accompanied by pines, rocks and bushes.

20 minutes later, we reached the boundary of Desolation Wilderness, not bad.

Near the sign for Desolation Wilderness is a clearing which provides an open view of the rugged mountains carved by glaciers.

Some small cascades are nearby.

After enjoying the cascades long enough, we went deeper into Desolation.

Sometimes crossing the streams through the fallen tree trunks requires a good sense of balance.

By the time when we were able to gaze the Horsetail Falls a bit more closely, we realized that we wouldn’t have enough time to reach it and come back before it got dark. For safety reason, we decided to tackle it some other day and start to hike back.