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This is a moderate 8-mile out-and-back hike that we did on Memorial Day 2018.

Trip log:

  • 08:38am - Start out from Big Meadow Trailhead
  • 09:02am - Hit SCOTSS LK & MEISS MOW Junction, take the one towards MEISS MOW
  • 09:05am - Reach Big Meadow
  • 09:59am - Hit the second junction, take the direction to “LK Valley”
  • 10:04am - Hit the third junction, follow the sign “DARDANELLES LK”
  • 10:48am - Reach Lake Dardanelles
  • 12:43pm - Start to hike backs
  • 02:46pm - Back to the trailhead

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Among all the hikes we’ve done together in Hawaii, the Hawaiiloa Ridge trail is Penguin’s favorite. It has mountain and ocean views along the trail that are breathtaking. We also encountered a mostly bright sunny day, which turned out to be precious during our stay in Hawaii.

This is a 3.5 ~ 4 miles, out-and-back hike. One special thing about this trail is that the trailhead is located in an exclusive gated community. Only locals with Hawaii Driver’s License are granted permits to enter. Fortunately we do have it. If you are not a Hawaii resident and don’t want to miss this scenic trail, you better make friends with a local. The upside of the community’s restriction is that hikers can enjoy the nature in peace and quiet, avoiding the busy crowds that present in Hawaii’s most touristy spots.

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Part of Alpine County (population 1,100), Indian Creek Reservoir has some short hiking trails. On this Sunday, a short afternoon jaunt up to Summit lakes was in the works for us…

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Part of Carson Valley Trails, the Sierra Canyon and Genoa Loop trails is a 7ish mile loop that starts in the town of Genoa. With most of our favorite Tahoe trails still covered in snow, this was a great Sunday hike. The highlight of the trail is the halfway mark: Genoa Falls.