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This is a moderate 8-mile out-and-back hike that we did on Memorial Day 2018.

Trip log:

  • 08:38am - Start out from Big Meadow Trailhead
  • 09:02am - Hit SCOTSS LK & MEISS MOW Junction, take the one towards MEISS MOW
  • 09:05am - Reach Big Meadow
  • 09:59am - Hit the second junction, take the direction to “LK Valley”
  • 10:04am - Hit the third junction, follow the sign “DARDANELLES LK”
  • 10:48am - Reach Lake Dardanelles
  • 12:43pm - Start to hike backs
  • 02:46pm - Back to the trailhead

The wooden bridge at the edge of Big Meadow

Big Meadow

Entering the forest at the end of Big Meadow

Crossing creek (had to do it several times)

Crossing creek

We’re almost there!

Taking a long break by Lake Dardanelles

Ducky ducks

Getting to the top of the rocky hill on one side of the lake to have better views

Feeling great!