Day Hikes

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Map showing the trails in the park

Trip Log:

  • 12:48pm - start hiking
  • 03:23pm - finish the hike

By the time we arrived at the entrance of Burton Creek State Park it was already noon, so we decided to choose a relatively easier loop following the signs showed on the map: 1-> 15 -> 21-> 19-> 12-> 11 -> 18 -> 8 -> 7 -> 2 -> 1. After passing the Junction 11, we immediately felt the snow on the trail was much thicker. Hiking in the snow is similar to walking on a sandy beach in that to move forward we had to fight harder.

This trail bears no drastic altitude change, so we still calmly took time to play in the snow and eat some food. Next time we want to try one of the trails that leads to a scenic overlook, which should be more challenging.

0 minute read

Trip log:

  • 07:02am - Start out
  • 07:59am - Breakfast break (stayed longer than actually needed because of the lovely lake view)
  • 08:48am - Move on
  • 10:20am - Summit Mt. Tallac
  • 12:21pm - Hike down
  • 02:45pm - Back to the parking

Mt. Tallac is known as one of the most popular trails in the Tahoe region and since it was busy summer weekend, we started the hike early in the morning with the goal of avoiding big crowd. To our surprise, we soon encountered a group of young people who were already ready to go back home. They had started between 4am-ish to catch the sunrise!