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Black Rick->Mistletoe Bay Eco Lodge

13 km - Overcast/Rainy

Azure water in Cowshed Bay

The weather was getting better and the sun popped out of the clouds several times along with the persistent drizzling, which to us might forebode a sunny day to follow.

A blue crack in the sky

Since it was more like a day for chilling out, we took our time to stop by Portage in Cowshed Bay and enjoy a coffee and a cake before getting back on the trail.

TPenguinng a break in the warm cozy cafe of Portage

Photo of us together in Cowshed Bay

Great views along the track as always

Mistletoe Bay Eco Lodge is a spacious, well-equipped educational base that would become out campsite for the evening. Our first hot showers cost us 4 NZ dollars for 5 minutes! Good to feel clean and refreshed again! There were groups of kids in the campsite having fun learning outdoor skills with their teachers. Right next to the campground was a ranch with cute llamas grazing around…

Busy campsite in Mistletoe Bay Eco Lodge

Llama gazing...